Thu, 27 June 2019

Alaia: an architecture-archaeology affair

Porto is preparing to welcome a very special hotel, which will breathe new life into a historical land with high archaeological value. Integrated in the “Limit of the Historic Centre of Porto included in the UNESCO World Heritage List”, the hotel will be born in D. Hugo Street, with great views over the Douro River.

The archaeological research found a set of vestiges with high patrimonial value, due to their rarity, chronology and state of conservation. The project not only foresees the preservation of the most important archaeological structures ‒ namely, those of the “castro” period ‒ but it also invests on their valorization, through a solution that can be enjoyed both by the hotel clients and by other type of visitors.

Castro culture is the archaeological term for the material culture of the Iberian Peninsula’s northwestern regions from the end of the Bronze Age until it was incorporated into the Roman culture. “Castros” were fortified settlements situated in strategic places to defend the population.

The project ‒ whose construction is about to start ‒ is characterized by the permanent interconnection between architecture and archeology, which will go hand in hand in all phases of the process.